Jabal Rahma

(Mount of Mercy) marks the area where Adam andHawa were reunited on earth and sought forgiveness. This is also where pilgrims gather on the 9th Dhil Hijja, the focal point of the Hajj.

Jabal Thawr

is the mountain that contains the cave in which the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)and Abu Bakr (RA) sought refuge for three days and nights from the Quraysh, as they left Makkahand emigrated to Madinah.

Jamaraat Pillar

These are the three pillars that pilgrims stonein Mina in symbloc reactment of the Prophet Abraham (PBUH) pelting the devil who tried to dissuade him from sacrificing Ismail (PBUH).

Masjid Nimra

is where the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) delivered his famous last sermonon the day of Hajj.

Jabal Nur

contains the Cave of Hira where the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received the first revelation.


is where Hajj pilgrims arrive after sunset from Arafat onthe 9th Dhul Hijja. Here the collect pebbles for the pelting of Jamaraat.The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stayed at the spot where the Masjid Mash’arul Haram is located.


As Mentioned in the Quran,Ta’if is a key historical site from the prophets life and mission.