Umrah Packages

MSA Deluxe Package
January 12 – January 21
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RAMADAN Package:
March 25 – April 11
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Deluxe Package:
December 26 – January 04
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Deluxe Package:
February 19 – February 29
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Making the journey to Allah’s House is a lifelong dream for all Muslims, and once we make the journey our hearts yearn to return back again and again. So many of us have been blessed by Allah (swt) to be able to visit His House and fulfill this dream not only once but numerous times. However, there are many brothers and sisters in our communities that are unable to make the journey due to financial hardships. Their desire to visit the two Holy Mosques is a dream of a lifetime and just as strong.

Why not help to fulfill someone’s lifelong dream to visit Madinah and Makkah by performing this act of sadaqah of sponsoring an Umrah pilgrimage.

The process is very simple. We have a list of screened applicants that qualify based on need. We take different factors into account such age, finances, health conditions, etc. and qualify each candidate.

You can earn the reward of sadaqah for making someone dream of performing Umrah a reality and also reap the blessings of their prayers made on your behalf.


We care for you and your health is our priority


Wearing Masks

physical Distancing

Temperature Checks

Cleanliness and Disinfection