Hajj 2023 : July 1 – July 19

Best Hajj Packages from USA 2023

Choosing the right hajj package is a daunting task as it comes with great responsibility. It is advisable to make bookings at the earliest and enjoy the rewards of the peaceful journey. Contact I Link Tours to get all of these basics within your hajj 2023 packages, we’d love to serve you with the best.

Starting price is $13,500

  • July 1 – July 19
  • (1 Minute away from Haram)
  • (2 minutes away from Haram)
  • Hajj seminars
  • Hajj Visa and qurbani not included
  • Walking tour around Masjid Nawabi
  • Daily spiritual
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Proximity to the Haram: Making Every Moment Count

Imagine being just minutes away from the sacred Haram, where you can feel the palpable energy of devotion and dedication. Our packages offer you the choice of staying just 1 or 2 minutes away from the Haram, allowing you to immerse yourself in prayers and reflection without the hassle of long commutes.

Every Detail Taken Care Of: Air Fare, Accommodation, and Ground Transportation

Leave the logistics to us. Our packages include airfare from the USA, ensuring a hassle-free journey from your doorstep to the holy land. Enjoy your stay in spacious quad room accommodations, where you can rest and rejuvenate in comfort. Our full VIP ground transportation services will effortlessly take you to the sacred sites, allowing you to focus on your spiritual journey.

Guidance from Scholars: Nurturing Your Spiritual Experience

Our Hajj groups are led by knowledgeable scholars who provide guidance, answer your questions, and lead you through the rituals, ensuring that every step you take is in accordance with the traditions of Hajj. Their presence adds an invaluable layer of insight and depth to your journey.

Nourishment for the Soul and Body: Buffet Meals Included

Experience the convenience of having breakfast and dinner buffets included in both Makkah and Madinah. Indulge in nourishing meals that cater to various dietary preferences, allowing you to focus on your spiritual reflections without worrying about your next meal.

Enriching Seminars and Daily Spiritual Activities

Our packages encompass more than just the physical aspects of the journey. Engage in enlightening Hajj seminars that provide you with insights into the historical, spiritual, and practical dimensions of the pilgrimage. Additionally, enjoy daily spiritual activities that foster a deeper connection with your faith and fellow pilgrims.


A Glimpse of History: Walking Tour around Masjid Nabawi

Delve into the rich history of Islam with a walking tour around the revered Masjid Nabawi. Explore the surroundings that have witnessed countless moments of significance in the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), enhancing your understanding of the faith.

The Fine Print: What's Not Included

While we strive to offer comprehensive packages, it’s important to note that Hajj Visa and qurbani (sacrifice) are not included. This allows you the flexibility to fulfill these aspects as per your preferences and traditions.

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The Hajj pilgrimage is a profound undertaking that holds immense spiritual significance for Muslims around the world. With our “Best Hajj Packages from USA 2023,” we invite you to embark on this transformative journey with utmost ease, proximity to the sacred sites, and the guidance of experienced scholars. Let us take care of the details, so you can focus on what truly matters – your connection with the divine. Book your Hajj package today and take the first step towards a profoundly enriching experience.